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TRY OUR NEW CUSTOM BODY oil + hair oil


Renewal of Self.

Phoenix Rising Collection.

Natural Body oils for healing.

Mind, Body and Spirit.

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Customize Your Healing Oils

Add Flowers, Crystals and Essential Oils

Our Body Oil

All over body oil

Our body oil is specially formulated to be lightweight and smooth on the skin. Especially made with you in mind. Made with high-quality naturals oils that easily melt into the skin to nourish and protect in every season... read more.

customize your oil

Our Hair Oil

Herb infused

Our Hair Oils are special, not only because they are all-natural with organic and high-quality ingredients but we also added special herbs for you to have beautiful results in hair growth. We infused our oils with healthy hair growth... read more.

customize your oil

How it Works

It's simple! You build it here!

Build your perfect for you, Phoenix Healing body and hair oils. We package and send your order straight to your door! Start a monthly subscription for consistent delivery. Visit our shop for additional items to add to your Order.


Choose your Body or Hair Oil

First choose your healing body or hair oil. Made with all natural ingredients like jojoba oil and rose hip oil. Leaving the skin and hair nourished and beautiful . It may be hard to choose! Quick tip! Our hair oils are infused with nourishing growth herbs! And our body oils can be used in the hair and all over the body! Wow!


Choose Flowers

Add a little beauty to your bottle of oil by adding all natural flowers choosen buy us for their healing and calming properties for skin and hair. Not to mention their beautiful smell and textures.


Choose Healing Crystals

Step three may be our favorite part! You choose from our healing crystals such as amethyst, rose quartz, Citrine, hand-picked specially for all desires you may be seeking . Cleansed and energized by sun and moon light for best results. Let’s cleanse manifest, heal and create! We are happy about this!


Choose Essential oils

Last but not least. Add your specially made potions and scents with our all natural essential oil blends. With delicious scents like rose and Jasmin. With names like “inner child”, “true manifestation” and “love and attraction” how can you go wrong? You smell lovely

Thank you for choosing Phoenix Rising Collection to be a part of your beautiful healing journey.