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The difference between prayer meditation and affirmations

So just what is the difference between a prayer, a meditation, an affirmation, and a thought form?

Obviously, each of these would need a book or three to explore what they are and are not. Today, though, I have a few ideas that can give food for thought.

First I’ll reference the old saw that “a prayer is when you talk to God; a meditation is when you listen to God.” That’s seems evident. Each has their place in our dialog with the Divine, both within and without. To me, it’s one great energy field within which we live, breathe, and have our Being. And of course, there are both spoken and unspoken prayers.

An affirmation is also a prayer, except that we can do affirmations simply to create an energy pattern in space and time. Affirmations do not require that we request anything of anyone, whether Divine or human. They are simply the affirmation of certain concepts, or energy patterns, whether to be made real, transmuted, or dissolved.

All affirmations are thought forms. Crafting an affirmation is the same as crafting a thought form. Crafting thought forms requires knowledge of intention, purpose, and possibility. It also requires that we understand what we can and cannot influence. Some things are not in the realm of the ability of humans to manipulate.

The Science of Thought Form building has as a prerequisite that we must learn how to meditate in a certain way. This gives us a technique so that as we create various affirmations, we are clear about what we want to affirm. When we meditate, we clear the monkey mind of its chatter so that we may listen to the still, small "voice of the silence" by which we come to know that which is beyond the lower mind's ability to discover.

All affirmations come true to some degree if persisted in. The power of a Mantra (spoken or unspoken) multiplied by Time is what creates future manifestations. That’s why it’s so important to meditate to learn and know what is in our highest interests.

Meditation also helps us get clear about potential unintended consequences that our desire mind may be overlooking, but which are crystal clear to superconsciousness. The biggest problem I’ve seen is when affirmations are crafted by a desire mind that ignores the law of unintended consequences that creates results from affirming a certain thing in a certain way. An affirmation requires precision, imagination, and a willingness to experiment with words and concepts until the affirmation is exactly the one you want to see made manifest.

As we build our thought forms, we see them manifest if they are true for us, unencumbered by fears, extraneous considerations, and cross currents to what is the best for our Higher Self to come forth. All that is made manifest, even the time and speed of its manifestation, are relevant to our understanding of our “hero’s journey,” the Way we walk through time, space, and consciousness.

That’s why I prepare my mind with prayers, and then meditate on allowing the highest possible affirmation to come forth in meditation. After that I use my conscious mind to translate the meditative experience into a stream of thoughts that could take shape over time furthering that meditative intention. Be clear, economical, and precise about what you’re affirming, and you should see it made manifest in a variety of ways in short order, depending on your clarity, dedication, and truth of the affirmation.

I’ll close today by sharing an affirmation with you that I’ve done for many years. It has worked in many different ways over that time, and I have also been told that by others I’ve shared it with. It is a highly specific thought form where each word was chosen carefully. If you are moved to do so, enjoy its energy. And of course, please enjoy crafting an affirmation or two that will serve your highest interests in the coming months of radical transition.

An Affirmation

”I affirm the fact that I and all my loved ones are protected under Divine Grace, as we move through this process of change toward a greater life of freedom, safety, love, peace, abundance, health, and community.”

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