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Venus retrograde horoscope for each sign ❤️

Venus retrograde horoscope for each sign ❤️

Venus's rotation is naturally opposite Earth's and the planet is literally *right next to us* in the solar system, so this planetary slowdown will definitely be felt when it begins on December 19 in Capricorn. In fact, you might already feel that pre-retrograde shadow, which began on November 17. Until the retrograde ends on January 29, 2022, we will hear from our favorite or not-so favorite-exes who are resurrected themselves from the grave to say “Boo!” (or "Happy New Year!") one more time. They might be looking to hook up, to find closure, or just to cause some drama. All this retrograde-y action will continue to reverberate until the post-retrograde shadow (aka retroshade) finally ends on March 1, 2022. That's right: We’ll be dealing with this energy for a looonnnggg time. Get used to declining calls from your ex. If that doesn’t work, then hit that block button and don't look back.


You’ve been thinking about your former boo more than you would like to admit. And you'd like to reconcile—maybe even get back together??? However, you're worried they don’t reciprocate your feelings. You’ll never know unless you take a leap of faith and start the conversation.


A chance encounter could lead to an awkward run-in with your ex, ending with them asking you out for a coffee date. Meditate on whether or not you really want to open that door before you accept (or decline!). TBH, it’s best for you to focus on sinking your teeth into someone new.


There is a chance that you’re involved in a major power play with an ex. And this pent-up tension could lead to a heavy make-out sesh that you didn’t see coming. Enjoy the moment while it lasts...before you decide that they’re not worth the stress.



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Like most of us, you fear putting yourself out there and want to protect your heart at all costs. Instead of running away from the past, face your ex and have a hard discussion about what went wrong. Odds are that you’ll both walk away as friends.



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